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Projections for Dance Production


I volunteered as the Projections Designer for Behind, an original dance production conceived and choreographed by Vincent Brosseau.

I collaborated with the Choreographer, Projections Operator, and Production Stage Manager to realize Vincent's vision of using projections to help communicate women’s issued addressed in the dance production.  The projected imagery enhanced the stage atmosphere/theme of a 1950s television set.  I edited 45 minutes of

media to be projected both downstage on scrim in front of dancers and upstage behind the dancers, timed to the music and tone of the piece.


Production Stills

Production Credits



     Vincent Brosseau

Production Manager/Projections Operator:  

     Rick Yeatman

Production Stage Manager:                                  

     Colleen R. Mond

Projections Designer:                                 

     Kelsey Brown

Scenic Designer:

     Julianne Arnold

Lighting Designers:

     Andrea de la Higuera

     Natalie Kinnick

     Dana Rice

     Kylie Stitz

     Aimee Tuley

     Annie West


Costume Designers:       

     Canny Aligno

     Jordan Perey Bridges

     Louisa Caudron

     Rylie Collins

     Kaya Ramona Fisher

     Adi Khakhar

     Anna Sanford

     Stephanie Theobald

     Joshua Vranas


     Saiyidah Chambliss

     Chloe Cook

     Alexis Hubbard

     Ashna Malik

     Jorge Mejia

     Maya Pegues

     Savannah Pender

     Elena Ramage

     Liv Ray

     Daryann Roberson

     Jordan Sambogna

     Savannah Scammon

     Ryan Smith

     Autumn Smock

     Tayja Strickland

     Naya West

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