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Campfire Stories

Museum Exhibit Projections

The above are select clips from the 4 animated stories featured in the exhibit.  Audio and narration were created by/belong to Roto and have been removed.  Stand-in audio is Moonrise by Reed Mathis via the YouTube Studio Audio Library.

As a freelance motion/projection designer, I collaborated on a museum installation designed and produced by Roto for a large Denver-based institution.  I conducted visual research, storyboarded, designed motion and imagery, created vector assets, and animated 4 videos and attract mode visuals.  This media was designed for projection and incorporation into a physical exhibit.



Screenshots and Images of Media Installed in Museum

Visual Research and Development

It was very important to me to accurately and respectfully depict the various cultures represented in the stories.  In addition to guidance by the museum, their cultural contacts, and Roto, I conducted extensive background visual research to inform my character and environment designs.


I explored various styles and proportions for the characters, as well as different looks for the overall videos.  The stories needed to feel like they were being told around a campfire with the imagery being formed in the smoke/fire light.  Since the media was designed to be projected, I wanted to make sure the contrast was great enough to be clearly distinguishable.

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