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Incarceration in America

Projected PSA Installation


Incarceration rates in the United States are incredibly high, especially among minorities.  I created Incarceration in America to raise awareness of this problem.  In order to create an emotional connection I wanted to present the PSA in a 3-dimensional space that would reflect the confinement of a jail cell.  I filmed live footage and created additional imagery in After Effects to be projected.  Using MadMapper I mapped this media onto a foamcore model of a cell and bench that I built. 

Documentation of Physical Project

Incarceration Project Documentation

Incarceration Project Documentation

Play Video

Actor: Anthony Accetta

Audio: “Walla of Brazilian Jail – 02” by jmbphilmes via Freesound (Creative Commons 0 License)




By projecting the work into a "cell" instead of presenting the PSA on a screen, I am able to emphasize the sense of confinement that I want viewers to experience.  My original plan consisted of three walls, but I later added a ceiling to make the area feel more condensed and restrictive.




In America the Criminal Justice system is broken

We have the highest incarceration rates in the world

In his lifetime, the likelihood that an American male born in 2001 will be incarcerated is 1 in 9

But not all communities are being impacted equally

The likelihood for White men is 1 in 17

The likelihood for Latino men is 1 in 6

The likelihood for Black men is 1 in 3

We have to do better

Take action at



Style Frames

- Display relatively low so that viewers have to crouch down to see into the “cell;” audiences share the feeling of being cramped and physically uncomfortable while experiencing the project

- I considered adding "bars" to the open sides of the cell, but that takes the viewer out of the space; I want them to feel like they are inside the cell


Live Footage


I used live footage and masked out the silhouette so that the movement would be as naturalistic as possible.  I really want the viewers to identify with the figure in the cell.




My original selection was ClickClack, but after the first test, it became apparent that I needed a more modern-looking typeface.  As a very impersonal, almost sterile-looking typeface, Orator STD complimented the tone and material well.

Rough Cut



                                              ​Wall 1                                                                  Floor                                               Wall 2

Final Composition


- Single composition for synchronized play
- Projector 1 plays Walls 1 and 2
- Projector 2 plays Door Silhouette overlapped on floor and both walls

(illusion that door is on one of the nonexistent walls)

- Atmospheric audio of a prison to create a more immersive experience for the viewer