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News Story Generator

Projected Social Commentary

In light of all the controversy surrounding truth and credibility in news journalism, I wanted to create a piece that examines the "fictionalization" of news. News Story Generator is a visual proof-of-concept for a projected, interactive social commentary piece.  The video I created is projected on four 8-foot tall panels and demonstrates the functionality of the hypothetical interactive version.

Documentation of Physical Project

News Story Generator Documentation

News Story Generator Documentation

Play Video

Audio: “Machine Factory Ambience, A.wav" by InspectorJ ( via




The brief for this project was to fit my work onto large panels of predetermined size and placement; four 8-foot tall panels alternately narrow and wide (arranged as seen in this template).




I wanted to explore the distrust of news media and the manipulation of stories.

Original Concept

I originally wanted to juxtapose news headlines with comical imagery (like pictures from well-known memes)

The intent was to comment upon the absurdity of some of the stories that result from the 24-hour news cycle by creating The Onion-esque stories from associations between real headlines and meme imagery.

Updated Concept

I decided to combine real headlines with the opening lines of famous fictional literature.  The association of the two text segments creates an entirely new sentiment; depending upon how information is presented, it can be construed to mean very different things.

The concept was to create a "news generating machine" that is driven by the viewer.  Viewers could decide which lever to activate, and consequently, which part of the sentence is changed, creating 100 different combinations.  The project I created is a demonstration of how this work would look and function. 



3D Model


Final Composition


- Single composition for synchronized play
- Each segment was mapped to its respective panel in Mad Mapper