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Typographic Visualization

I designed, storyboarded, filmed, and animated this typographic visualization of the “Plurals”

segment of Brian Regan’s Stupid in School comedy piece.

Audio: Brian Regan. “Stupid in School,” Brian Regan Live, Uproar Entertainment.

Concept and Mind Map


I want to enhance the humor of Brian Regan's piece by developing visuals that emphasize and add to the comedic elements of the audio.

- Highlight the absurdities of the English language in a comical way

- Visually/conceptually bring viewers back to their school days (empathize with the stress of students taking tests)



Mood Board


Type Exploration




Style Frames


Design Process



Paper flipping was a significant design decision.  The bulk of the video would be 2D animated in After Effects.  I explored the idea of modeling a 3D paper or creating stylized 2D animation (either in After Effects of frame-by-frame).  I finally decided upon using live footage because it would most effectively and efficiently set the tone and bring viewers “back to school.”



My updated design featured diagrams instead of drawings by “Brian.” The drawings took away from the type-driven focus of the piece and the diagrams made the imagery feel more like a school test.  

The paper texture I used for the background is a photo I took with the same film/light setup as the bookend footage.  This creates consistency and firmly places the video in the context of the school test. 


To better differentiate the characters in the piece, I varied the writing tools they each use (chosen to reflect their role or personality).  Brian writes in black pencil, Erwin in blue pen, and the teacher in red marker when not black printed type.

I wanted the writing to feel more organic than a standardized typeface could, so I hand-lettered everything except the printed test questions/multiple choice answers.  I traced over my chosen typefaces for Brian and Erwin, adding variation. I used my own handwriting for the teacher.


Process Photos

          Sophisticated Filming Setup                            Background Texture Image                     Brian's Pencil Would be Chewed On

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