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Sustainable Palm Oil App


I researched, designed, scripted, storyboarded, edited audio, and animated this typographic PSA.

The app and its logo were created by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo;

this video is a donation to the organization, created with their consent.

Narration: Shannon Tasei

Audio: "Perspectives" Kevin MacLeod (

Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 4.0 License,

Learn more about Palm Oil Sustainability and the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo's

efforts to protect orangutans here:


Project Purpose

- Raise awareness for the
Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping
App, developed by the
Cheyenne Mountain Zoo*

- Encourage download and use of the free app

- Educate about the harm irresponsible palm oil production is causing

- Save orangutans!

* The team at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo informed me that the app will be overhauled and updated later in the year.  This video will be general enough to be applicable to the new app as well.



Aspect Ratio

The video will be produced in a square aspect ratio so that it lends itself well to posting and sharing on social media; this will lead to greater visibility and effectiveness




Palm oil is used in countless products from cookies and shampoo to pet food.  Unfortunately, irresponsible palm oil production is causing deforestation and posing a critical threat to the survival of orangutans and other wild animals!

The Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is dedicated to helping save these incredible creatures.  Download the free Sustainable Palm Oil app for resources and to search products and companies that have committed to using sustainably sourced palm oil.

Shop smart. Save orangutans.



Should come from a more empathetic, personal point of view

- Needs to convey the urgency of the problem

- Should be more concise and get to the emotional core of the content quickly


My son loves orangutans!  Humans share about 97% of our DNA with them - so they‘re basically family.

But irresponsible palm oil production is seriously threatening their survival.  At current rates, orangutans are predicted to go extinct in our lifetime.

So we have to act now.  Download the free Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping app to support companies that have committed to using sustainably sourced palm oil.

Because I don’t want my son to live in a world where his favorite animal is just a picture in a history book.



Research: Palm Oil App

Screenshots from the Sustainable Palm Oil Shopping App by the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo:


Color Palette


Drawn from existing app


Softened yellow and added lighter green to enhance approachable and open tone


Mood Board


Clean and simple vector images - keep the message simple and visuals uncluttered



I originally intended to show orangutans in an old encyclopedia illustration style at the end to allude to their possible extinction, but it was too inconsistent with the rest of the look


I like the way these icons fill to represent percentages

Type Exploration


-Sans Serif; although Serif is more intellectual/truthful for info, I want this to be more personable, like a friend talking to you

- Modern and clean, easy to read

- A touch of personality (fun like an orangutan), but mostly serious to reflect the serious topic

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