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Timeless Journey:  I designed, storyboarded, and animated this visualization of classic literary emotions.


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VOTE (Don’t Leave it to Chance):  I designed, storyboarded, modeled, and animated this PSA to vote in the 2020 United States elections. Designed for social media distribution.



News Story Generator:  I conceptualized, designed, and animated this projected proof-of-concept for an interactive social commentary piece examining the “fictionalization” of news.



Ode to Jazz:  I designed, storyboarded, and animated this visual homage to 1920s jazz in the style of vintage Art Deco Posters.



Interactive Prohibition Timeline:  I collaborated with the American Prohibition Museum to conceptualize and create an interactive, touch-screen timeline clarifying the progression of the prohibition movement.  I designed the visuals and user interactivity; animated the content; and collaborated with an Unreal programmer to realize the final user experience.



Ice Cream Buttery:  I designed and animated this piece to be projected on the structures that marked the entrance to the 2019 Digital Graffiti Projection Festival in Alys Beach, FL.



Incarceration in America:  I designed, filmed, animated, and edited this piece to be projected into a physical box representing a jail cell. Actor Anthony Accetta.



Campfire Stories:  I collaborated with Roto to bring their concept/script to life; I designed the visuals, storyboarded, and animated a series of 4 different cultures’ celestial stories to be projected as part of a physical museum exhibit.


Music by INOSSI:

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